We purchased our first set of Simmental females in 1996 and immediately started an artificial insemination program to enhance our herd's genetic potential. Our primary objective is producing performance cattle with a stylish phenotype that will excel in the show ring. We maintain a strong focus on the valued traits of our females to ensure success. Every female in the herd is artificially inseminated with proven and predictable sires. Our females have eye appeal for show ring competition, but their ultimate purpose is to perform in the pasture. The females are required to be fertile, structurally sound, and free moving to ensure reproductive efficiency. These traits result in longevity, giving our females an opportunity to make a greater impact in the herd and the breed. We have incorporated embryo transfer to further enhance our genetic selection. Another addition to our program is the use of Angus genetics from top breeders to establish diversity and heterosis within the herd.